Data extraction: depression following traumatic brain injury

Skills: Data Extraction
Pharmacotherapy for the management of depression following traumatic brain injury

For this task, we would love your help with data extraction of 12 elements from 24 papers. The aspects we are after include baseline characteristics: age and gender, country, setting, primary inclusion and exclusion, baseline sample size, outcome measures, definitional criteria for the injury and the depression, time post-injury. Generic and trade name for the drug Intervention. A data collection sheet and the full text of the papers would be provided.

We expect that each paper may require a maximum of two hours to complete the data extraction and for many it will be much shorter. The review includes both RCT's and other study designs.

A background in mental health or injury would be helpful and prior experience with data extraction is important.

At this stage we offer an acknowledgement but it may be possible to have additional involvement and authorship would be considered at that point.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Fiona?

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