Common Mental Disorders

Wikipedia Updates Needed: Cochrane Review updates in the area of mental health

Skills: Searching, Review Dissemination/Knowledge Translation: from to , Review - Clinical Content, Data Extraction

These tasks are part of the Cochrane-Wikipedia Partnership (
Cochrane and Wikipedia are working together to share high-quality medical evidence with a broad audience. Many Wikipedia articles presently reference Cochrane Reviews. Manual editing of a Wikipedia article is necessary when an updated Cochrane Review has been published.

We are seeking people to update these new versions of reviews in Wikipedia medical articles. This particular task involves articles that focus on aspects of mental health and common mental disorders. Each person will be assigned a list of 5-10 updates.

The task involves:
1. Check the Wikipedia article to ensure that the review is out of date (search by Author of original review). Look for "update needed" tags in Wiki articles.
2. Compare the conclusions of the previous and updated Cochrane Review versions.
3. If the updated review has no changes in the conclusions, and the Wikipedia article accurately reflects the findings, update the reference in the Wikipedia article.
4. If the conclusions have changed, the Wikipedia article should be edited to reflect the changed conclusions.

Updates may take about 5 minutes each.

Ideal Applicant

Someone who enjoys learning about evidenced-based medicine and interpreting Cochrane Reviews.
Someone who is interested in communicating the clinical findings of Cochrane Reviews to a broad audience.
First-time Wikipedia editors and more experienced editors are welcome.

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