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Take part in our test of machine translated Cochrane content into Czech

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Cochrane is part of a consortium involved in the three-year EU-funded Health in my Language (HimL) project, aimed at addressing the need for reliable and affordable public health information in different languages. The focus is initially to test translations from English into Czech, Polish, Romanian and German using fully automatic machine translation that has been adapted for health information, or machine translation edited by humans. Please see http://www.himl.eu/what-is-himl for more information about the project.

Cochrane is running a user test to elicit feedback about the quality of machine translated Cochrane Plain Language Summaries. The test consists of two questions.

If you are a speaker of Czech we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read some translations and provide feedback (the question will pop-up on your screen, when you read the translation). Please copy and paste this link: http://www.cochrane.org/cs/search/site into your browser to see all of the machine translations.

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