Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group

Reviewers for rapid (~3 months; July-October) qualitative review on prostate specific antigen screening patient-reported values and preferences

Skills: Data Extraction, Inclusion/Exclusion, Protocol Development, Qualitative Analysis, Question Formulation, Report Writing, Risk of Bias Assessment, Screening, Summary of Findings Tables

We are looking for reviewers with experience in qualitative research to join our systematic review team to inform a BMJ Rapid Recommendations guideline on prostate specific antigen screening (http://www.bmj.com/rapid-recommendations). The work will be completed over the course of approximately 3 months (now until end of September/mid-October). The review will be published in The BMJ or BMJ Open (pending editorial decision). Nonetheless, this is guaranteed to be published.

Please also see our related Task Exchange post where we are doing a similar review for a guideline on colorectal cancer screening.

Ideal Applicant

Experience with qualitative research, particularly systematic reviews of qualitative research, would be ideal. We work with international teams, across time zones, so location and availability is not an issue. We do need someone who has time in the coming months to meet timelines. Also, the BMJ Rapid Recommendations project has a strict policy against conflicts of interest, both financial and intellectual.

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