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Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative: Improve the evidence base of Wikipedia with Cochrane Reviews

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These tasks are part of the Cochrane-Wikipedia Partnership.
Cochrane and Wikipedia are working together to share high-quality medical evidence with a broad audience.

-There are over 25,000 health-related articles in English Wikipedia.
-Approximately 2000 Cochrane Reviews are cited as high-level evidence within these Wikipedia articles.
-There are over 5000 Cochrane reviews not yet used in Wikipedia articles.
It is our goal to improve this!

We welcome all who want to help improve the evidence base of medical articles in Wikipedia. Whether you are a new to Wikipedia and Cochrane, or you are a seasoned Wikipedian or Cochrane contributor.

About the project: Volunteers go to our project page to access a list of all Cochrane Reviews not presently used in Wikipedia. Search for a Review that interests you, paraphrase the conclusions, and find a place for the evidence in Wikipedia.
Project Page:
Time and commitment: How long will it take? 5-10 minutes/Cochrane Review. No commitment necessary. You are welcome to try this task out and contribute as much as you wish.

For more information about this project and the Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative, please see:

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