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Hospital Complaints Outcome in the NHS

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Does Complaining in the NHS achieve anything at all?

Data seems very patchy as to why the NHS complaints system delivers such an apparently appalling outcome for the complainant. Figures vary, in one survey I read stated that 67% of cases give up..But are these figures correct? Are some complaint areas deflected or procrastinated out of being complaints at all. Are other areas dealt with appropriately? I'd be very interested in collaborating with others with more ability than I, to turn a raft of disgruntled anecdotes into a firm seed bed of verified statistics. It would be perhaps a wake up call, perhaps a pat on the back for the existing system. No one knows for sure and if they do...I certainly don't! Please note that this task may actually be impossible.

Ideal Applicant

Someone who can help us to access the raw data for this project and who can empathise with the plight of an innocent complainant with a valid complaint presented with such an un-level playing field. This area is filled with subjective opinions but very little objectivity. From my point of view as an ex-Clinical Director, organisations can protect themselves far better than any person complaining about an injustice can firstly, get enough transparency to make their complaint have substance, usually months... and then assuming notes haven't gone missing, important facts never noted, or e-mails deleted, secondly, deal with the many hoops to jump through, many of which take weeks as a minimum or months usually, at a time. Definitely not a full time task and not for the faint hearted. But this research could positively affect thousands of people a year who simply give up once they hit the deep puddles of procrastination and deflection, but rarely any in-house reflection on their problem, which is often seen internally, as a threat to be fobbed off or neutralised, rather than the external "constructive" process so lauded on the web pages. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if only to confirm that this task is impossible in a Culture of Silence. This task if completed with usable and politically workable conclusions, would in my opinion, undoubtedly attract global media attention.

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