Research and complete a pharmacy topic by conducting the meta-analysis which is fully based on the strict systematic metodology of Cochrane

Skills: Data Extraction, Report Writing, Review - Methods, Searching, Statistical Analysis

I am a student of the russian Pacific State Medical University . When I was on a pharmacy lecture I was given a brief description of Cochrane organisation. I started to possess interest in such a huge system and I want to try to conduct a research in Pharmacology Department in my university with your help. I want you to give me the topic within this month ( January 2018) . I need to get help on conducting the meta-analysis and get a base instruction on completing all rigorous stages.

Ideal Applicant

Location of the applicant is not important for me. I will be glad to receive any help (advice, links, suggestions etc). I need to get a topic by the end of January 2018. Any applicants are welcome to apply.

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