Cochrane review looking at antibiotics for prevention of infection after continence surgery - Portuguese paper needs data extraction/RoB/characteristics translated please

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Portuguese to English, Data Extraction, Risk of Bias Assessment
Antibiotics for the prevention of infection after continence surgery in women with stress urinary incontinence

Dear Portuguese reading volunteer, would you be able to help with the data extraction, including the characteristics of the study, and the Risk of Bias (RoB) assessment of a paper that is eligible for inclusion in this new Cochrane review. The paper is written in Portuguese and the data extraction and RoB assessment would need to be in English. To complete this task you need to have experience with data extraction and Risk of Bias assessment. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider helping with this task. Best wishes, Sheila (my ref 7542)

Ideal Applicant

Ideally you will have excellent reading skills in Portuguese and English with some knowledge of medical terminology and have experience in being able to extract data onto the data extraction sheet at the same time translating this information into English for use in the review. Experience of Risk of Bias assessment and being able to translate this into English would also be important. Thank you for considering this task.

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