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Screening for oral cancer

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Screening for oral cancer

The aetiology of oral cancer is mainly tobacco and alcohol consumption and high risk human papilloma virus (hrHPV). There are ample opportunities in countries with a well organized dental health service, to identify people at risk and intervene against tobacco and excessive alcohol habits and enrol patients with potential malignant oral mucosal lesions in a follow up program. Malignant transformation of these lesions are a rare event even if they are considered premalignant. It´s time consuming and costly to review these patients since biopsies are required in order to establish the degree of cellular changes and presences of dysplasia. Our focus is to develop non-invasive simple and fast less costly techniques for diagnosis which would result in that the patients not constantly is cared for in the specialist dental care but in primary dental care. Presently we have on-going studies on automated analyses of cellular changes of brush samples and hrHPV diagnosis. We like to discuss and get feed back from colleagues with experience in this field and enrol a person who would like to be part of the group and involved in the basic development .

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