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Help needed to translate scientific papers from Korean into English (as part of in this large global systematic review and network meta-analysis)

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Korean to English, Inclusion/Exclusion
Drugs to reduce bleeding and transfusion in adults undergoing cardiac surgery; a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Dr Anair Beverly (systematic reviewer and anaesthetist in Oxford) and I (Dr Giok Ong, systematic reviewer) work at the NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and also have associations with the University of Oxford.
We are producing a set of systematic Cochrane reviews and network meta-analyses, one of which on “Pharmacological interventions for preventing bleeding in people requiring cardiac surgery” (funded through an NIHR Programme grant).
We would like to include important science conducted in the Korean language in this large systematic review and network meta-analysis, so their findings can help our global understanding of this important topic.
So far we identified about 450 to 500 articles for inclusion into our study and the literature searches also identified 4 to 5 papers in Korean (Han et al, 2000, Jung et al, 1999, Lee et al, 1997 and Moon et al, 1998).

• Does anybody feel able to help us translate scientific articles from Korean into English?

The ideal applicant would need to be fluent in Korean and understand medical terms.

We can send a pdf of the papers that need translating. We would only need English translation of the Objectives, Methods, Results and tables.

• Do you feel able to help? If so, how many papers do you feel able to translate and approximately how long do you think it may take to translate one paper?

All correspondence can be done over email, but please do not hesitate asking us I case something is not clear. However, in case you would like to talk with one of us to discuss things further, it is possible to discuss things via WhatsApp (in which case you would need to provide us with a WhatsApp telephone number).

We look forward hearing from you.

Anair Beverly and Giok Ong

Ideal Applicant

deal Applicant;
- Fluent speaker of Korean
- Understanding of medical terms would be an advantage
(All correspondence can be done over email)

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Giok?

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