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Neonatal care

Cochrane Sweden International Mobility Programme

Skills: Data Extraction, Inclusion/Exclusion, Risk of Bias Assessment, Screening, Summary of Findings Tables, GRADE
Title of the review: to be defined; most likely a topic within neonatology or too much medicine

GENERAL INFO: https://training.cochrane.org/cochrane-international-mobility

Host Cochrane Group: Cochrane Sweden (Lund University, Sweden).

Primary contact for host Group: Dina Muscat Meng, Communications Consultant at Cochrane Sweden; dmm@cochrane.dk

Panel considering applications: Matteo Bruschettini, Cochrane Sweden Director.

Focus of exchange: The project will consist of evidence synthesis within a topic in neonatal medicine, and/or too-much medicine & reporting of harms.

Outputs: Preparation of systematic reviews; training opportunities.

Evaluation: Continued commitment in the planned project.

Associated clinical opportunities (if relevant): It might be possible (not warranted) in a neonatal unit.

Financial support: Not available. However, we provide a desk, a laptop and internet connection.

Practical support: We have an agreement for accommodation with Lund Universities (rent: 500-600 euros/month, not reimbursed by Cochrane Sweden).

Training support: Face-to-face support: at least 5 times a month; by email: at least 10 times a month; one free registration to workshop or courses organised at our Centre.

Duration of exchange: Flexible. Minimum 4 weeks.

Suggested dates: Not in the summer.

"Rewards": Authorship; for short CIM periods: Acknowledgement.

Ideal Applicant

Person specification: Basic knowledge of health care (for example, at least completed 3 years of medicine).

Language skills: English.

Number of applicants: Maximum two in the same period.

Further notes for applicants: See our website https://sweden.cochrane.org/sv/join-cochrane for some examples of previous CIM programmes at our Centre, or hashtag #CochraneInternationalMobility on Twitter

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Kindly let me know further details. My email id is dvohra@jamiahamdard.ac.in
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