Pain & anaesthesia

Emergency orthopaedic surgery - collecting evidence for anaesthetic treatment

Skills: Consumer Input, Data Extraction, Report Writing, Searching
Interventions in emergency orthopaedic surgery

Our research unit works with acute orthopeadic surgery - interventions in the perioperative course. We need exchange students to collect evidence and other task such as interviews with patients and staff, collecting data from patients charts etc.

Ideal Applicant

The applicant could be a student in medicine or nursing, or another person with health care background and an interest in research and aging people

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Questions & comments

I would like to inquire about the systematic review

Default profile Tarek Nayfeh - 9 months ago

Hello there, I will be able to help with this project but i would like to know more about the required task. thank you.

Omhrtxrmmatfwehchvs9 Mohammed Almalki - 4 months ago