PCORI Health Care Horizon Scanning System: In need of U.S.-based stakeholders (i.e. patients, caregivers, advocates, health care professionals)

Skills: Consumer Input

The PCORI Health Care Horizon Scanning System, operated by ECRI, follows developing health care interventions (that is, drugs, devices, procedures) that are likely to change health care in the U.S. The areas of interest include Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental and behavioral health conditions, and rare diseases.

ECRI is currently seeking U.S.-based stakeholders - patients, caregivers, advocates, clinicians, researchers, health systems experts - to provide input for upcoming topics. Participants will read a 5- to 7-page report and complete a 6-question comment form giving your impressions about the treatment’s potential to: improve patient outcomes, change health disparities, change the health care delivery system, change the current pattern of patient care, or change health care costs. Participants receive a $250 honorarium for each report reviewed.

Stakeholder comments drive the selection of topics included in a High Potential Disruption Report, which is published twice a year. The report describes treatments that stakeholders and the horizon scanning team agree have high potential to disrupt some aspect of health care delivery in the U.S.

Learn more: https://www.ecri.org/solutions/horizon-scanning
Contact us: Kelley Tipton, Patient Engagement Specialist (ktipton@ecri.org or 610-825-6000 x5137)

Ideal Applicant

ECRI is looking for U.S.-based stakeholders (patients, caregivers, advocates, health care professionals) to provide comments about potentially disruptive new health care treatments (that is, drugs and medical devices) expected to be clinically available in the U.S. within three years.

All work is performed online. If you agree to participate, you will receive additional information about your tasks. Once a report is ready for review, you will receive an invitation to comment (the sender is “Horizon Scanning and the subject line starts with “PCORI”).

Upon accepting the invitation to comment, you will immediately receive an email with the report attached, a link to the online comment form, and instructions for your comments. Your comments as a patient stakeholder are needed within 5 business days and within 3 business days as a health care professional stakeholder (although sometimes we can extend deadlines).

On behalf of PCORI, we offer a $250 honorarium for each report reviewed with comment form submitted. You must submit a W-9 tax form to enable PCORI horizon scanning to make payment, which is made within 30 days of receipt of a comment form.

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Questions & comments

As the result of having been a caregiver for my parents, I have personal experience with several conditions, including: Stroke, MI, peripheral artery disease, hypertension, A-fib, bronchiectasis, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic pain, and mild cognitive impairment.

Default profile Sherry Reisner - 6 months ago

Hello I would want to be involved in this. I am a Pulmonologist based in the USA.

Default profile Chibuzo Odigwe - 4 months ago