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Anal Fissure, Anal fistula and Hemorrhoids in Somalia. A Retrospective hospital study

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retrospective study
Awale Mohamed Abdullahi MD12,MMed , Mohamed Abdikarim MD1 1. International Hospital Mogadishu, 2. Somali National university and Simad University Corresponding author: Mohamed Abdullahi Awale ( (+252617625656) Abstract Introduction Anorectal pain and discomfort are common complaints in the general population, and can stem from a number of possible causes. Its culturally barrier patients to seek medical advice from clincs or hospitals. Objective: to assess the knowledge and demographic data of anal fissure, anal fistula and hemorrhoids Methods: we carried out a retrospective analysis of hospital registry covering all patients at IHM complaining ano rectal pain and discomfort 1st January 2017- December 31st 2017. Results: fifty two patients were recruited. 14 patients were internal hemorrhoids, 9 were external hemorrhoids , anal fissure 21 cases, and anal fistula was 8 cases.39 were males, 13 were females. Mean age group 27 years(13 years-52years), 70%patients came from Mogadishu. 50 patients responded having hemorrhoids on first visit, 10 female patients refused to have Anorecatal Examination. 45 patients visited to OBGY and internal medicine practice. Conclusion: study showed low level of knowledge of anorectal disease, female shyness, and Discipline conflict. Recommendation: study recommends public awareness of anorectal disease, referring patients to Surgeon and encouragement of women into examination. Key terms: Hemorriods, anal fissure and Anal fistula

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in Somalia, patients complaining to the anal canal thought to be hemorrhoids. in this study found most common complain was tear or crack at anal canal.

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