Gastroenterology & hepatology

gallstone-associated acute pancreatitis

Skills: Clinical Input, Peer Review - Clinical Content
medical and endoscopy treatment of gallstone-asociated acute pancreatitis
I want to evaluated the evolution of the treatment with the endoscopy and medical therapy. to evalue if the systemic complications and mortality are reduced with endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography with sphincterotomy and early antibioticotherapy. I believe to complete this task at about one year

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I would like to evaluate this clinical situation in my country and to compare with another places And contribute in the patient improvement

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I shall be privileged if you consider me for collaboration in this project.


Hqnkktepoffruxrinil8 Ali Haider Bangash - 5 months ago


Im new to task exchange, I would like to participate and have more information about what I would do to help you out if I join this task.

You can contact me here or

Cewwwj5rgdqqywicodkk Rafael GuĂ­zar - 3 months ago

I m faculty of community medicine. if I m helpful for you. You are welcome


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