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Mountain bee honey and typhoid fever

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Mountain bee honey

Is ingestion of mountain bee honey has a value in treating typhoid fever?

Ideal Applicant

Those experienced in alternative & complementary medicine and have good orientation about traditional medicine. Also,those who have reading in the history of early medicine to humanity.

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Questions & comments

What exactly are you looking to receive from this task? A reference list of relevant literature? Going back how far? Do they need to be only blind clinical trials, or are correlational studies wanted as well?

O8fon4x5qo6wdndj919k Jessica Cail - 5 months ago

Thank you Jessica. Blind trials may be needed later on. I am now in the stage of gathering reliable information. Some horticulture basics are needed especially toward herbs honey. Some entomology basics are needed like physiologic differences between giant bees and normal bees. Also, the power of honey sugar to resist decay as well as the antigravity effects of bees fly are required to be elaborated.
Hope that you can support me.

Ych0y85icxtuzpyiecrl abdeldayem hassanein (Task Poster) - 5 months ago