Cochrane International Mobility Opportunity

Skills: Review Dissemination/Knowledge Translation: from to
Outputs: Methodology of research and epidemiology. Knowledge translation activities: student 4 best evidence, social media and Cochrane Corners training Evaluation: The successful completion of the programme will be evaluated on the continuous presence and the achievement of learning objectives defined at the beginning of the training programme. Associated clinical opportunities (if relevant): Eventually, there is the possibility to do a clinical training in gait analysis laboratory.


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Questions & comments

Dear Dra. Chiara Arienti:
Where can I upload the word file?
kind regards
Philippe Tadegr

Jwkrbjvkikxjy2m4ppn6 Philippe Tadger - 10 months ago

Dear Philippe,
of you want, you can send it to us via email: cochrane.rehabilitation@gmail.com

Best regards

Ewuc2nsg5g4oaa7twelo Cochrane Rehabilitation (Task Poster) - 10 months ago