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Making COVID-19 Inactive by Heat Treatment, HF High Intensity Electromagnetic Waves & Ultra-Violet Radiation Procedures.

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The sensitivity of COVID-19 to temperature is described as under:- 4 D Celsius: Remain active for indefinite time. 22 D Celsius: Survive for 14 days. 37 D Celsius: Survive for 2 days. 56 D Celsius: Survive for 30 minutes. 70 D Celsius: Survive for 5 minutes. Basis on the above data a patient of COVID-19 can be treated effectively by giving him/her hot air/oxygen or steam and hot drinks like coffee, tea or other herbal drinks to be taken in sips for a longer duration for several times in a day. These are simple procedures but we have to develop SOPs for them by clinical trials. Therefore, I need the co-operation of healthcare professionals directly involve with the treatment of COVID-19 patients. I will further explain the procedure, if someone interested would contact me for practical proceedings. Furthermore, Electromedical equipment manufacturing companies can also contact me to develop equipment for the subject matter and get patented from the concerned organizations to supply the market to get rid of this pandemic.

Ideal applicant

An already working professional with COVID-19 related patients is required. No special requirement but only daily communication with me through telecommunication means is sufficient to proceed in his/her daily routine with some extra procedures and maintaining data of these procedures.

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