Acute Respiratory Infections
Infectious disease

Micronutrients most likely to reduce symptom severity and death from respiratory viruses, such as coronavirus

Skills: Inclusion/Exclusion
Coronavirus prophylaxis for lockdown countries and Global South

Rapid Review of existing research, using lists already created as a starting point.

Candidate micronutrients include D3, B3, zinc, selenium, magnesium, quercetin (a zinc ionophore found in brocolli, grapes etc)

Experience needed: rapid reviews, open mind

Ideal Applicant

someone who can start soon, work fast, reduce an existing list of papers to "promising candidates", search for more

Not accepting further contributions

Questions & comments

Hello Ray, I am thinking you aim to do a rapid review study. I have co-authored a scoping review and I am currently working on another one. I do not know if my experience with the scoping review process would help.

Owgiftwxotuenshuwevg Oluchukwu Obiora - 3 months ago

Hello Ray, I have sent you a message last month but I haven't hear from you. Did you receive it?
I would like to know a little more about this project and I am willing to help in this task.
Best regards

Default profile Dulce Estêvão - 2 months ago

Hello, if it's not too late, I would be interested in joining this research team. Kindest regards

Hi Ray, I am also interested in joining your research team. I have a keen interest in conducting nutrition related reviews and have also recently conducted a rapid review. Sincerely, Kern

R7szhhgkyagcnohylft1 Kern Rocke - 2 months ago

Hello Ray, May i have a copy of the prepared list so i can tell you How fast and to what extent i can help..Thanks

Omhrtxrmmatfwehchvs9 Mohammed Almalki - 2 months ago

Hi Ray, I am a medic and have experience of conducting literature reviews, please advise how I can take part.

Default profile Nadia Gul - 2 months ago

Hello Ray, I’d like to also join your team if possible.

Default profile Vanessa Wong - 1 month ago