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Priority setting survey - Future reviews in child and youth mental health

Skills: Consumer Input, Clinical Input, Review Prioritisation

** As this is an anonymous survey request please do not respond to/volunteer for the task unless you would like additional information about sharing the survey link. Please simply complete the survey at **

Our Children and Young People Satellite hosted by the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland is leading our Group's evidence synthesis related to child and youth mental health.
We are very keen to take opinion from our stakeholders to help us define the scope of the reviews that our Satellite will undertake – which includes identifying high priority research gaps and setting a core outcome set for evidence reviews. This approach will help us maximise opportunities for robust and meaningful comparisons across reviews, and most importantly guide future primary research.

Following the James Lind Alliance guidance, we are doing a short online survey - - to identify the top-priority research gaps that should be the focus of our future reviews in child and youth mental health. While we have had a good representation of young people and their caregivers we are seeking more responses and we are also very keen to hear the opinion of our service providers and researchers across all geographies to know what their priorities are.

We would be incredibly grateful if you can complete the survey if you consider yourself to have relevant experience with regard to children and young people's mental health.

We are also looking for people to share this survey link with relevant professional networks

Quite like most online surveys, there is no incentive for completing this survey but we are hopeful that our collective effort will help get sufficient responses.

Many thanks for your help.
More details about the survey are found at the link.
This blog gives more background about the work:

Ideal Applicant

You are being invited to participate in this questionnaire as you may be a young person with or without lived experience of mental health difficulties; or a carer/family member of a young person with lived experience of mental health difficulties; or a healthcare professional or a community based organisation working to support the wellbeing of young people.

You can participate in this survey only if you are at least 16 years of age.

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