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Translation of scientific tables and figures from Chinese to English

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Chinese to English
Incubation period of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: systematic review and pooled analysis from point-source outbreaks

Hi there,

We are doing a systematic literature review on clusters/outbreaks of COVID-19 and incubation period. However, we found out that 4 of the scientific papers that we included are in Chinese. We were able to translate the main texts of these papers to English by means of automatic translation of the page, but in this way we weren't able to translate the tables and figures in the paper, which contain very important data as well. Therefore, we would really appreciate it if someone could help us translate these tables and figures ONLY (so the main texts of the papers do not need to be translated!). It's important that you are accurate and able to translate the exact data in Tables/Figures to English. These are the (links to the) papers:

1. Zhao, Investigation of transmission chain of a cluster COVID-19 cases. Link: Includes 3 Figures and 5 Tables.
2. Zhang, Investigation on a cluster epidemic of COVID-19 in a supermarket in Liaocheng, Shandong province. Link: Includes 3 Figures/Images and 1 Table.
3. Pan, Study on transmission dynamic of 15 clusters of coronavirus disease 2019 cases in Ningbo. Link: Includes 3 Figures and 1 Table.
4. Xiao, [Investigation of an epidemic cluster caused by COVID-19 cases in incubation period in Shanghai]. Link: Includes 2 Figures and 2 Tables.

Thanks very much for your help!

Kind regards,
Daphne van der Bend

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We hope that this an be completed on Monday 29 June at the latest. We are mostly looking looking for someone who is very accurate and can translate the data exactly as how they are presented in the tables/figures.

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