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Seeking patients/consumers with experience of COVID-19 to join rapid clinical practice guideline panel series (MAGIC, BMJ, WHO)

Skills: Consumer Input, Protocol Development, Report Writing, Peer Review - Consumer, Review Dissemination/Knowledge Translation: from to , Summary of Findings Tables, Guideline development, GRADE

We're looking for patient partners who have experience of COVID-19 to join our international guideline panel team on a series on pharmacological (drug) therapies for COVID-19.

*Why are we doing this?*

There are benefits and harms to different pharmacological therapies. As new evidence is published, it may potentially change clinical practice and improve patient care related to COVID-19. However, first we need to carefully consider the evidence, and make sure we are answering the right questions and making recommendations that matter to patients.

*Who are we?* 

The BMJ Rapid Recommendations (RapidRecs) is an initiative from the MAGIC research and innovation program ( and The BMJ ( We are also partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO) for this guideline series.

A team of clinicians, methodologists, and patients develops our guidelines. We aim to translate potentially practice-changing evidence into trustworthy, international guidelines and decision aids in a short time frame. We estimate that we will do 10 guidelines over the next 12 months.

*Who are we looking for?*

We're looking for patients/consumers with experience of recovery from COVID-19 (hospitalized or not hospitalized), English-speaking, and from as many WHO regions as possible (African Region, Region of the Americas, South-East Asia Region, European Region, Eastern Mediterranean Region, and Western Pacific Region).

*What is required?*

The time commitment will vary depending on the guideline topic, but we anticipate that each guideline will take 4-8 weeks. We will need rapid responses, sometimes within 2-3 days, but the total active involvement time is approximately 8-10+ hours (depending how involved you would like to be). The tasks generally include the following: 1) introduction call about the guideline involvement process and the commitments from the panel members (30-45 minutes), 2) review and provide feedback on the systematic review protocol, to identify and prioritize patient-important outcomes (30-45 minutes), 3) participate in an introductory session to explain the evidence from the systematic review (generated by separate team), and answer any questions you may have (60-90 minutes), 4) participate in a teleconference with the guideline panel (clinicians, methodologists, patients) and draft recommendations (90 minutes), and 5) review and provide feedback to the guideline manuscript and decision aids (60+ minutes).

All communication is online. This guideline group is international. No specific skills are required - we have worked with partners who had experience with Cochrane systematic reviews, and partners who did not. We provide training and are happy to answer any questions you may have, so that you feel confident contributing to the discussion.

*What will you get for taking part*

All patient partners will be full panel members, and be co-authors on the guideline (published in The BMJ). Patients will also receive an honorarium.

*Important note*

MAGIC, The BMJ, and The WHO all have a strict policy regarding financial and professional/intellectual conflicts of interests. All guideline panel members must be approved before participating in the project. Our goal is to have a panel that is able to objectively review the evidence and draft recommendations without bias.

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This is a practical question: What is the amount of the honorarium? Will there be some flexibility about the time of day when calls are made? I am in the UK but other people may be the other side of the planet....

Xhyg5fuinx1gn0xrpyjf Anne-Laure Donskoy - 1 month ago