Methodology Review

The Critical Analysis of Vitamin D Studies and Clinical Trials

Skills: Qualitative Analysis, Peer Review - Clinical Content, Peer Review - Methods

Vitamin D is considered as a vital nutrient for the proper bone health. Some observational studies showed vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in many disease conditions. The results of some epidemiological studies revealed the connection between geographical locations, low sun exposure, low vitamin D levels and skin color with many diseases. Cell culture and animal studies showed the preventive and therapeutic roles of vitamin D in different disease conditions. Many case control studies and randomized clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the role of vitamin D in different disease conditions. It found that the results of many such studies could not establish beneficial role of vitamin D supplementation in many disease conditions. During the critical evaluation of such studies, it found that many such studies were not designed properly. In this task, the results of different studies showing beneficial effects of vitamin D in different disease conditions and then the short comings in the design of different case control studies and clinical trials will be discussed. This task would be helpful to design future studies in the vitamin D research.

Ideal Applicant

Enthusiastic person with critical evaluation abilities

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