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German to English translation of 3 articles for brain injury systematic review

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from German to English
Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions for managing agitation during post-traumatic amnesia following traumatic brain injury: a systematic review

Our team is seeking assistance in translating 3 articles from German to English, in preparation for full-text screening for our systematic review. The articles are relatively brief - no longer than 12 pages.

If you are able to assist with this translation task (even if it's only one of the three papers), please send me a message and I will provide you with the article PDFs.

Thank you!

Ideal Applicant

- A German speaker with reliable English skills and scientific literacy.

- Understanding of medical terminology would be an advantage.

- Remote location is acceptable.

- Our deadline is September, with some flexibility if required.

Not accepting further contributions

Questions & comments

Hi, Sarah!

I can help you with your request! I am a MD and I speak German. You can send me the papers and I could have them by the deadline without problem.

Best regards,


Yl3rl2rvihuqwdmp5ogz Carolina Quintanilla - 2 months ago