Creator of video for social media

Skills / interests: Dissemination / Knowledge Translation

Cochrane is across many social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram...and now TikTok! The audience is mostly university students and early career professionals. You can look us up at @cochraneorg We are looking for videos that are: -Short; less than 60 seconds - Videos filmed full-screen, vertically to be posted -If audio/text included, it should be in English and audio of good quality. -Content ideas include: a Cochrane Corner (short overview of Cochrane Review), or intro to EMB or systemic review topics (e.g. what's a forest plot? What's TaskExchange? What's a confidence interval?) or your Cochrane story (how you learnt about Cochrane, how you got involved). ..or something else! We are open to suggestions! We will tag you on TikTok and Instagram if you are on that platform - just let us know your @username! The video is yours - so if you want to use it on your own account, that is fine too!

Ideal applicant

Remote is okay, not shy, familiar with social media and TikTok a plus!

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