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Cochrane Anaesthesia Seeking Author Team for Review: 'Supplemental perioperative steroids for surgical patients with adrenal insufficiency'

Skills: Data Extraction, Clinical Input, Inclusion/Exclusion, Question Formulation, Report Writing, Risk of Bias Assessment, Screening, Searching, Statistical Analysis, Summary of Findings Tables, GRADE

Cochrane Anaesthesia is looking for a team of qualified authors to take over and produce a review for the vacant title CARG097: Supplemental perioperative steroids for surgical patients with adrenal insufficiency. This is a previously withdrawn review restarting at the protocol phase.

Those interested in taking on this opportunity should be aware that author teams must include members who have statistical knowledge; knowledge of search methods and systematic review methodology; and experience with systematic review tasks such as screening medical literature, conducting data extraction and critical appraisal, analyzing data, and applying GRADE. In other words, authors with the knowledge required to produce a high-quality systematic review. The author team must also include at least one clinical content area expert. The author team should also be available to begin work on the review by Fall/Winter 2020 and the primary members must be available to commit for the full duration of review production (i.e., protocol through to review update phase).

Interested parties should send us:
1. A short (max 250 word) statement of interest, communicating your interest in the review, the relevant expertise of your team members, and the reasons why you think your team would be a good fit for this opportunity.
2. Contact details for your proposed author team. When you submit the list of authors, please clearly state the role that each author will play in the review. (Please note that Cochrane Anaesthesia cannot assist with identifying members for incomplete author teams; please note the aforementioned qualifications required for author teams)
3. A copy of the current CV of each proposed team member.
4. Disclosure of any relevant conflicts of interest.

(Please review the following policies before communicating your disclosures)
a. Conflict of Interest and Cochrane Reviews:
b. Commercial Sponsorship Policy:

Please send expressions of interest to Teo Quay, Managing Editor at by September 30, 2020. Please include 'CARG097 Expression of interest' in the email subject field. All expressions of interest will be considered by the end of October 2020. Timelines for review production will be agreed upon by the author team and editorial board. Expressions of interest from individual authors without a team will not be considered at this time.

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