Are you interested to work on a systematic review in Neurology/Parkinson's disease area?

Skills: Clinical Input, Report Writing, Peer Review - Clinical Content
We are looking for a member to join our team as an author for a systematic review in Neurology/Parkinson's disease area. We need someone from a background of Neurology/Parkinson's disease and is willing to contribute to writing (Introduction and discussion) with minimal support and provide a critical review as an expert in the Neurology/Parkinson's disease. We plan to wrap it quickly, hence we need someone who can dedicate time as per the schedule mutually decided. Our team of experts will be there to guide/assist throughout the process.

Ideal Applicant

The systematic review and meta-analysis is ongoing and the article will soon reach the stage of narrative writing. A decent understanding of systematic review methodology and interpretation of meta-analysis is desirable, not necessarily required. The ideal candidate should be experienced in writing the introduction and discussion sections of clinical papers. Importantly, anyone how commits and provides a substantial contribution to data interpretation and narrative writing will happily be added as an author.

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Questions & comments

What is the research question/s for the project?
When do you aim to complete the review?
Have you decided on a journal?

Ion9qjyz7ohuz6zlo10v Smriti Nepal - 23 days ago

I am faculty of community medicine. if you think I can help u, we can move further.

With regards

Petkishtq0kutpvvfcre RAVI PACHORI - 17 days ago