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Orthopaedics & trauma

Help needed to translate a paper from Persian to English

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Persian to English, Inclusion/Exclusion
Pharmacological interventions for the prevention of bleeding in people undergoing definitive fixation of hip, pelvic and long bone fractures: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
We have been funded through an NIHR Programme grant to produce a set of Cochrane reviews. The literature searches done for one of the reviews identified a Persian paper. I can send a pdf of the paper that need translating once I've received it (currently on order from the British Library). We would only need English translation of the Objectives, Methods, Results and tables. The first step would be to assess if the trial discussed in the paper is eligible for the inclusion in the review. If it doesn't fulfil our inclusion criteria we would exclude it at this stage, however if it did that's when we would need help with translation. Full translation would not be needed if the trial was ineligible. Once the pdf is sent, we would like eligibility to be confirmed in next 2 weeks then translation if eligible. A time deadline cannot be given, as this will depend on the paper and the amount of text to be translated. 

Ideal Applicant

Fluent speaker of language in which translation is needed

All correspondence can be done over email

Understanding of medical terms would be an advantage

Not accepting further contributions

Questions & comments

The article you need to be translated, is it Persian or turkish?