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Language translators with experience in screening, appraisal, and data extraction for Cochrane Canada and partners' Living Map of COVID-19 Recommendations and Gateway to Contextualization

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from to , Data Extraction, Risk of Bias Assessment, Screening
eCOVID-19 living recommendations map and gateway to contextualization
Join us to make a difference in COVID-19!
At Cochrane Canada, we are developing a platform that collects and organizes the best available guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19 to inform decision making, then allowing users to include local considerations as they look to implement the guidance. Help us and our partners increase the impact of this work by making recommendations in non-English languages available!

Do you have fluency in a language other than those covered by our team and have experience with screening, appraisal, and extraction ? We would love for you to join us! 
Languages already covered by our team: Czech, Dutch, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

We are developing a database of language translators for this project, and contributors would be asked to help as guidelines in a relevant language become available. Translators would read guideline papers provided by the team, screen for eligibility, appraise using AGREE-II, and extract information in a customized GRADEpro module for posting to the eCOVID RecMap platform. The guidelines may be pre-translated using DeepL, and the translators would help to verify translation accuracy. The translators would be asked to complete the tasks within a week, and the number of guidelines to accomplish within a given week can be negotiated. 

We are happy to give contributor points towards Cochrane membership.

Get in touch if you are interested. Happy to answer any questions you may have!

Ideal Applicant

Fluency in a non-English language (excluding Czech, Dutch, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish), responsive to email messages, comfortable using software programs such Word and Excel, prior experience with screening, appraisal, and data extraction for systematic reviews or guidelines would be the minimum essential. These individuals may also join a team Discord or other electronic communication portal, and instructions can be given for this.

Individuals can be in a remote location. Although we are continuing this work well into 2021, individuals can indicate for how long they wish to be a part of the project.

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