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Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, Data extraction, Screening and selecting studies

We are seeking authors to join our team for meta-analysis review projects in all medical fields. Our team is expert in meta-analysis with high impact publications. If you have time and interest to teamwork aware me. Our team need the researcher for drafting papers (introduction or discussion). Please use the following email to contact me. Rewards are Authorship. otissmorin@gmail.com A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. Best, 

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Questions & comments

I am a researcher focusing on biochemistry and therapeutics of autism, looking forward to joining a Cochrane review. ind.liyanage@sjp.ac.lk

Hi there. I would like to join your team but I need more information on topics, schedules, etc. I await your response, thanks in advance. My email es maximilianoarlettaz@hotmail.com

Default profile Maximiliano Arlettaz - 9 months ago

Dear Dr. Otis, I'm working as a Lecturer in Psychology. I'm interested in participating in your project. I have ample experience working on non-Cochrane and Cochrane systematic reviews that involve listed tasks of screening search results and making inclusion/exclusion decisions, data extraction and writing. I would be happy to contribute to projects you work on. Thank you. Regards, Débora.

Default profile Débora Aguiar - 10 months ago

I am faculty of community medicine. if you are interested with me on systematic reviews/meta-analyses. We can move together. Regards

Default profile (Dr) RAVI PACHORI - 1 year ago

Warm regards from Nepal. I am working as a clinical assistant professor in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Institute of Medicine, Nepal. I have experience in conducting systematic reviews and have a few publications under me. Thank you, yours sincerely.

Default profile Ashutosh Singh - 1 year ago