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Lungs & airways

Consumer/patient input required for a Cochrane review on drug treatments for asthma in children & adults

Skills: Consumer Input, Peer Review - Consumer
Anti-interleukin-13 and anti-interleukin-4 agents versus placebo, anti-interleukin-5 or anti-immunoglobulin-E agents, for children and adults with asthma
Some people with severe asthma take certain drugs that target the behaviour of  immunoglobulin E and interleukin-5 (which cause asthma symptoms), but these drugs don't work for everyone.  This review aimed to see whether other drug treatments (e.g. dupilumab, lebrikizumab, tralokinumab) that work in a similar way can improve the symptoms or quality of life of adults and children with asthma.


Ideal Applicant

If you have a diagnosis of asthma this task would be ideal for you. Equally, if you care for someone with asthma we would like to hear from you. We are especially keen to get a patient's perspective so we can make sure the Cochrane Review is as relevant to you as possible. You do not have to make comments on all sections of the review. Please note that the Plain language Summary is directed at patients/consumers of healthcare treatments or services and is freely available to anyone worldwide. We are therefore most interested in your thoughts on this section.

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