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Consumer Peer Reviewer needed to evaluate Cochrane Gut Protocol

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

Cochrane Gut seeks a consumer peer reviewer to comment on a draft protocol titled 'Psychosocial interventions for functional abdominal pain syndromes (FAPS) in children.' Given the nature of the topic, it is particularly critical to have a consumer perspective on the review plan. 

In particular, we are interested in consumer perspectives on whether the objectives and scope of the protocol reflect the experiences and perspectives of individuals with functional abdominal pain syndromes. You will be asked to comment on whether the protocol is readable and understandable to a broad range of readers (including without overuse of unexplained technical terms). This task should not take more than a few hours. The draft protocol will be made available upon assignment of the task, and you will have 14 days to return your feedback. Cochrane Gut operates an open editorial process so all members of the editorial team, including the consumer referee, will be identified and acknowledged in the published protocol. 

Ideal applicant

An enthusiastic Cochrane consumer contributor with an interest in and/or knowledge about diseases of the gastrointestinal system and the ability to critically review a Cochrane protocol. Native English speaker preferred.

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