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Portuguese study assessment - help with translation

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Portuguese to English
I am currently undertaking a Cochrane review of antihypertensives in pregnancy. One of the studies found by the search strategy (Mesquita et al 1995) could potentially be included but it is in Portuguese (country of origin Brazil).

In order to assess the study for inclusion, the following must be fulfilled:
- It must be a randomised controlled trial (please identify method of randomisation if reported)
- It must compare one drug to another
- All women must be pregnant (not postpartum)
- Women included must have severe hypertension (defined as systolic blood pressure 160 mmHg or more and/or diastolic 105 mmHg)
- It must measure any of the following outcomes of interest: 

For the woman

  1. Death: death during pregnancy or up to 42 days after end of pregnancy, or death more than 42 days after the end of pregnancy
  2. Eclampsia (seizures superimposed on pre-eclampsia), or recurrence of seizures
  3. Stroke
  4. Persistent high blood pressure: defined, if possible, as either the need for an antihypertensive drug other than the allocated treatment, or failure to control blood pressure on the allocated treatment

For the child

  1. Death: stillbirths (death in utero at or after 20 weeks' gestation), perinatal deaths (stillbirths plus deaths in the first week of life), death before discharge from hospital, neonatal deaths (death in the first 28 days after birth), deaths after the first 28 days

Secondary outcomes as outlined in the protocol can also be included.

Protocol can be found in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (, and the inclusion criteria can be found under the section "Criteria for considering studies for this review". Outcomes assessed can be found in the section "Types of outcome measures".

I suspect this study may fulfill inclusion criteria in the methods section but whether outcomes assessed are the outcomes we are interested in (as above) is still an open question.

If possible, I would like someone who has basic understanding in randomised controlled trial and can interpret scientific literature in Portuguese. 

I think this task will take less than a day if the study does not fulfill inclusion criteria. If it fulfills inclusion criteria, this task can take a week (as we might need other key information extracted for data extraction and grading).

Ideal Applicant

Remote location is fine. Will only require 1-2 hours if the study proves not eligible for inclusion to identify the key criteria. I am flexible to call prior (I live in an Australian time zone). Would prefer someone who can interpret scientific literature, specifically randomised controlled trials.


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