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translation from japanese to english

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Japanese to English
Anticoagulation for people receiving long-term haemodialysis
Hi everyone, we are updating a cochrane systematic review and we need five translations from japanese to english of methods, results, funding/support and all all table/figures. Introduction, abstract and discussion are not needed for our purpose. even if you will able to translate only one paper you will be included in the acknowledgement. If you decide to translate only one paper, please contact us to tell which paper are you going to translate. 
Please use a word document for the translation.

could you kinly help us?



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Hello, I'm Giovanna Scudeler and I would like to translate the article “effects of single bolus injection of low molecular weight heparin (LHG-500) as an Anticoagulant for Hemodialysis” from Japanese to English.

Hi Patrizia, is it possible to translate a section of the article?

Wee Siang

Vemgu0r4hkfivk4vyhct Wee Siang Lim - 2 months ago