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Geographical distributions of migraines patient around you

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I’d like to have some informations about geography odds of migraines happening especially in tropical area. To comparing with data from cold area or warm. This would help to identify the cause of migraine are affected by geological factors and closely related to weathers factors. If possible, have me some sample survey remarked with city name. If you have siblings or friends are experiencing such a disease, it is possible to take your one or two minutes to talk with them, then write the symptom as much as possible, you don’t have to be professional on using medical terminology but plain English would be enough. All those feedback will be analyzed carefully to find a implied relationship between geography factor and this disease. This would be a great help to such a research. Once I found the cause of migraine, I will open them to public. Ideally, some interdisciplinary data can no easy to grab, so if there is no such prepared things then make it yourself. Thank you for your reading, your slightly effort will makes incredible help in future. Much appreciated it. 

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This is open for anyone who is interested in finding a cure for migraine. You don’t need have any qualifications or experience for this task. This can be down any cities around the world.


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