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Study eligibility + data extraction and Risk of Bia (study in Chinese) - Gyneacology

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Chinese to English, Data Extraction, Risk of Bias Assessment
Levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device (LNG-IUD) for symptomatic endometriosis following surgery
We need to determine if the attached study (PDF) meets our inclusion criteria and, if yes, we need help with data extraction and risk of bias assessment.

Please get in touch! We appreciate your help and we would like to acknowledge you in the published review!

Eligibility criteria

MUST be a randomised controlled trial (RCT)
MUST compare one intervention with another or with placebo in the treatment of endometriosis related pain. -         
INCLUDE RCTs in which interventions were used in conjunction. -         
INCLUDE cluster randomised trials. -         
EXCLUDE Quasi-randomised trials.
EXCLUDE Cross-over trials.

Participants MUST have surgically confirmed endometriosis determined by direct visualisation and/or histopathological assessment.

Intervention -          Insertion of LNG-IUD ( levonorgestrel  intrauterine device)
Comparison -          No post-operative treatment ; Placebo; Any other systemic treatment 

If you think the trials meets the eligibility criteria and you are able to help with data extraction and risk of bias assessment, please get in touch! We will send you our data extraction form and risk of bias assessment form.

Ideal Applicant

The applicant must speak Chinese and have knowledge on data extraction and risk of bias (ideally with Cochrane and in the field of gyneacology)


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Questions & comments

Dear Elena,

I am a registered nurse of intensive care in Hong Kong with experience in systematic review (I worked as a research assistant in healthcare science and got a diploma in biostatistics). Do you still need any help?

Default profile Ka King Chan - 14 days ago