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Patient input required for a Cochrane Airways review on using technology for remote/virtual care in adults with COPD

Skills: Consumer Input, Peer Review - Consumer
Telehealthcare for remote monitoring and consultations for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Telehealth interventions may help to improve health through remote monitoring, consultations or as part of multi-component packages of care.

Some telehealth interventions include remote monitoring technology, which is a laptop or tablet with monitoring equipment that is used daily and the results fed back to the healthcare professional. Typical monitoring equipment in the trials included blood pressure, stethoscope, heart rate, pulse oximeter, spirometer (to measure lung function), thermometer etc. Some of the interventions involved regular phone calls with a healthcare professional and the patient would tell them about their symptoms, or the results of completed questionnaires about their health. 

Remote monitoring has the potential to alert healthcare professionals to changes in a person's symptoms early in deterioration (McLean 2011), allowing the best opportunity for early intervention. Early intervention is known to decrease exacerbation severity, hospitalisation frequency and disease progression in COPD (GOLD 2021a). Additionally, serial monitoring provides a more robust picture of a person's condition when compared with the single snapshot or retrospective symptoms recalled by the patient (or both), that clinicians commonly rely on in traditional face- to-face consultations (Breen 2015). 

Therefore, it is essential to determine which remote telehealthcare interventions (i.e. remote telehealthcare for monitoring, or remote consultations with a health professional in addition to usual care) are clinically effective and safe for people with COPD, including those who may live a considerable distance from healthcare facilities. 

To assess the effectiveness of remote telehealth care for monitoring or consultation with a healthcare professional for people with COPD and multi-component interventions that include remote monitoring or consultation as part of the care package. 

Ideal Applicant

If you have a diagnosis of COPD this task would be ideal for you. Equally, if you care for someone with COPD we would like to hear from you. We want to gain your perspectives on both readability and whether this review is answering the needs of people with COPD around the world. We are especially keen to get patients' views so we can try to ensure that the Cochrane Review is as relevant as possible to people making decisions about their health.

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