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Cochrane Library: tell us what you think (user experience feedback)

Skills: Review Dissemination/Knowledge Translation: from to
 The product development team behind the Cochrane Library are looking to talk to users of the Library about forthcoming features to improve the user experience of the website. The task will involve either a 30 min virtual call where you talk to a team member or complete a survey about how you use the Library, and give your feedback on current and future features. 

Ideal Applicant

We are looking for people who have used the Cochrane Library in their day-to-day work – this would include academics and researchers, policy makers and guideline writers, clinicians, Early Career Professionals, medical educators and students, Cochrane Review authors and editors. You can participate once or multiple times, as little or often as you like.

You need to be able to join a virtual call and screenshare. The interviews will be in English.

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