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Public health

Rating of COVID-19 information using systematic reviews

Skills: Data Extraction, Searching
 Please message me by June 21, 2021!! 
Seeking help from evidence-based researchers (Master's or doctoral students, junior research staff, teaching assistants, post-docs, or faculty members) to use standardized instruments to rate the quality of Internet-based information on COVID-19. Additionally, we need help to rate the accuracy of information about treatments and adverse events from treatments, among other COVID-19 characteristics using Cochrane Systematic Reviews. Training to become familiar with the instruments and extraction sheets is required prior to the initiation of the Pilot Phases (to establish interrater reliability among all the raters before proceeding to the Final Phase). 

Seeking raters literate in either: Chinese (simplified Mandarin), Vietnamese, Croatian, or English.

Please message me by June 21, 2021 as we expect to begin training new co-authors starting June 28, 2021. Length of time for the Pilot Phases: 2 months: 07-09/21 and Final Phase :4-6 months: 10 or 11/21 to 02 or 03/22.

#COVID19 tasks & more 

Thanks and I hope to hear from enthusiastic researchers from around the world! 

Ideal Applicant

Evidence-based researchers experienced in using instruments to rate the quality or accuracy of printed (on the Internet or in scientific articles) information that describes treatments for diseases. We would need anyone interested to have Internet access to work remotely and access regular team Zoom meetings once every month until 03/2022.

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