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Empirical verification of electromagnetic therapy prototype for Covid-19

Skills / interests: Qualitative analysis, Methodological peer review

An electromagnetic treatment method for pathogens, amongst which viruses, amongst which Covid-19, has allegedly been developed by an independent therapist, Mr Willem Ras, who says he runs a highly successful clinic in Silves, Portugal. I have developed a cost-effective prototype based on his specifications, which he reports is effective in deactivating Covid-19 in vivo, in 4 sessions of 1 hour, over a period of 7 days (6 x 24 hours + 1).

The prototype is developed in the spirit of open source (technical details are available) and consists of a signal generator, hand electrodes and a flat spiral antenna. Even after one treatment, a significant decrease in viral load should be measurable. Both in vitro and in vivo experiments supposedly should show promise.

I have measured the field strength using a calibrated SMP2 meter; as an indication: in typical operation, the ICNIRP Public exposure limit requirements are met. This leads me to believe that the treatment is very safe. The prototype only consumes about 50 mA of current at 5 Volts and is powered by a typical USB power bank.

I have published some information on this Dutch healthcare innovation web site:

I have attached a picture. The name StrobeWaffle is a play on words, referencing a traditional Dutch delicacy that has a similar size as the prototype's flat spiral antenna.

It is understood that therapy of this form is contentious and the exact mechanism of action is challenging to express in currently agreed-upon medical science. The suggestion is to perform empirical verification as part of an inductive scientific process - encouraged by both the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and the measured safety of the prototype.

Ideal applicant

Medical microbiology researchers and/or infectious disease specialists with the means of performing empirical verification, either in vitro, in vivo or both


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