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Expert Peer Reviewer (Clinical) Required for Cochrane Gut Review (Tacrolimus for induction of remission in refractory ulcerative colitis)

Skills / interests: Clinical peer review

Cochrane Gut is seeking peer reviewers with clinical expertise in IBD to provide formal feedback on a new systematic review assessing the effects of Tacrolimus for induction of remission in refractory ulcerative colitis. Selected peers will have 14 days to return their comments and will receive an acknowledgement in the published review.

***About the Cochrane Peer-Review Process
Before publication, all Cochrane protocol and review drafts must be peer-reviewed by a content expert, methodologist, and consumer. Once a person agrees to be a peer reviewer, they are sent a copy of the draft protocol/review and a peer reviewer checklist with instructions for comments. We ask peer-reviewers to submit courteous and constructive feedback on the draft that identifies its weaknesses or fatal flaws, as well as ways of improving it. Peer reviewers are usually requested to return these comments within two weeks of receiving the draft. Please be aware of the Cochrane Peer Review Policy. It is an open/named policy, whereby authors and peer reviewers know each other’s identities during the peer review process. All peer reviewers are acknowledged in the final review. Any materials received throughout this process are confidential. Peer reviewers should be aware of and follow the Committee on Publication Ethics Ethical guidelines for peer reviewers (see summary).

***Conflict of Interest
If you agree to peer review, you will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest. For more information, please see: Cochrane’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Employment in a specialty relevant to the Cochrane Review should be declared in the interests of transparency, but this does not prevent an individual from being a peer reviewer. People with a direct financial interest in a particular intervention (for example, employees or shareholders of a company that manufactures an intervention or a direct competitor, or holders of patents or trademarks for an intervention) should not be involved in the peer review of that intervention.

Ideal applicant

Clinical experts in gastroenterology and specifically in the treatment of IBD; ideally currently practicing clinically and conducting research in this clinical area.

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