Screening an article in French

Skills / interests: Translation (linguistic), Screening and selecting studies

We have an article in French that needs to be screened for inclusion in a scoping review of reviews on oral antioxidant supplements during cancer treatment. We would like to know whether the review meets our inclusion/exclusion criteria, and if not, what is the reason. I have already screened the article but I would like the article to also be screened by someone who has an excellent knowledge of French. The article does not need to be fully translated. 

I have attached the article and the inclusion/exclusion criteria. Please respond to this request and also e-mail me at (to make sure that I am aware you are responding).

Thank you so much!

Ideal applicant

Someone who has a good understanding of research methods, is detail-oriented, and is fluent in French.


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Questions & comments

I have sent you my response via e-mail.

Default profile Petra Nass - 2 days ago

Dear Susan, I received the scoping review. Could you send me the French article also, please.

Default profile Petra Nass - 2 days ago