Systematic Mixed Review on Informed Consent in Online Trials

Skills / interests: Data extraction, Qualitative analysis, Data analysis and organisation

full paper data extraction and analysis, we can train.

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Questions & comments

Hi, I am interested to involve in this study. I have some experience in SR and also interested in online consent concept as I am currently work as an ethics review member.

Hi Amy, I am interested in "Systematic Mixed Review on Informed Consent in Online Trials" I am having experience in systematic reviews and meta analayis.. please write me back at msohaib1@bradford.ac.uk what the task is to be done?

Default profile Muhammad Sohaib - 9 months ago

Interested. Please email me on: paudeldeven@gmail.com

Default profile Devendra Paudel - 9 months ago

I would be happy to work with you...

Default profile (Dr) RAVI PACHORI - 9 months ago

Dear Amy, I'm working as a Lecturer in Psychology. I'm interested in participating in your project. I have ample experience working on non-Cochrane and Cochrane systematic reviews that involve listed tasks of screening search results and making inclusion/exclusion decisions, data extraction and writing. I would be happy to contribute to projects you work on. Thank you. Regards, Débora.

Default profile Débora Aguiar - 10 months ago

Hi what is the task, may please explain it more

Default profile Ahmad Rahmani - 10 months ago

Can I help please

Default profile Rinku Sengupta - 10 months ago