Infectious Disease

中文可读性 - COVID-19 text readability

Skills / interests: Data extraction

Our international research team is conducting a project to assess the readability of text in multiple languages, including Mandarin. I am seeking the help of a researcher who has experience in Python programming to automate the extraction of text from portable document format (pdf) files and input the text from the documents into the CRIE 3.0 Chinese Readability Explorer at

Our project will assess the readability of Simplified Chinese text in documents describing COVID-19 disease characteristics.

This task may take one to two months to complete.


Ideal applicant

The ideal applicant - a researcher/programmer who conducts health services research or other related biomedical research - a researcher/programmer that has performed similar tasks for larger research projects - able to start most likely in December 2021 when the documents are retrieved and complete the task by February 2022 - able to meet via Teams or be available for email communication - able to work remotely with reliable Internet access - able to communicate in English - Not necessary, but desired: the ability to speak Mandarin

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