Public Health

Researchers required to frame a research question and complete systemic reviews

Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, PICO annotation, Data extraction, Summary of Findings tables, Methodological peer review, Searching for evidence, Training or mentoring, Risk of Bias assessment, Statistical analysis, Screening and selecting studies, Prioritisation of review topics, Using GRADE, Data analysis and organisation

Hello people! 

I am a early career public health researcher and I am taking this initiative to make a team of budding and expert researchers to contribute their skills and expertise in the field of evidence-based research

My motive is to make a team of authors who can begin working on the topic of their interest and publish systemic reviews/meta-analysi.s This mutually beneficial idea will help everyone to learn and grow in the field of scientific writing.

I request everyone to come forward to contribute their knowledge and skills. Interested fellows can comment, or write to me at

Ideal applicant

Open for everyone interested to publish systemic reviews/meta-analysis in the field of public health/epidemiology using their knowledge and skills.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Amrit?

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Questions & comments

Dear Sharma, I'm working as a Lecturer in Psychology. I'm interested in participating in your project. I have ample experience working on non-Cochrane and Cochrane systematic reviews that involve listed tasks of screening search results and making inclusion/exclusion decisions, data extraction and writing. I would be happy to contribute to projects you work on. Thank you. Regards, Débora.

Default profile Débora Aguiar - 2 weeks ago