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Why many COVID19 studies are published in England and Israel?

Skills / interests: Searching for evidence

Most studies related to COVID19 are found in England and Israel, but we would like to investigate what makes the difference in the number of COVID19 studies. Please tell us if any clues you know or any papers which supports your opinions.

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Any physicians or health care workers in England and Israel.

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Thank you so much for your comment and useful links. I found their government involved and invested in any clinical research, which is also other several countries like the US. The number of COVID patients and research know-how are similar to the US. However, I could not conclude why these countries released good evidence so far. As you wrote, these countries are relatively small which could easily organize data.

Default profile Mirei Matsukawa (Task Poster) - 9 months ago

Maybe this is useful: " The fact that Israel is relatively small, keeps comprehensive medical records, and has a high vaccination rate with a single vaccine (Pfizer) has contributed to its robust data collection." England's National Health Service (comprehensive medical records) and size could be similarly mentioned.

Default profile Jodi Schneider - 9 months ago