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Patient input required for a new Cochrane review on educational interventions for health professionals managing COPD in primary care

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input


Despite evidence-based guidelines and the availability of resources, evidence still suggests there is suboptimal management of COPD in primary care. For example, underutilisation of spirometry in COPD diagnosis is a key problem identified in the primary care setting which can lead to underdiagnosis of the disease. It is important that health professionals are adequately educated on the benefits of non-pharmacological interventions (smoking cessation, pulmonary rehabilitation, vaccinations etc.) and their routine use in practice.   This education can take many forms such as printed materials, videotapes, audiotapes, podcasts, online materials,  live face-to-face sessions vs internet or other technology-based sessions and educational tools (e.g. small group learning, lectures and simulation).  Courses, seminars, meetings, conferences and audio and video presentations, case conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs, teaching and consultation with peers and colleagues are other means of further educating health profressionals.


To review existing evidence for educational interventions delivered to health professionals managing COPD in the primary care setting.

Ideal applicant

Any person with a diagnosis of COPD or you may care for someone (in a personal capacity) with COPD.

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