Facilitate an online meeting about diversity and inclusion in Cochrane

Skills / interests: Other, Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

We’re looking for volunteers to host an informal online discussion with 3-6 people about how Cochrane could be even more welcoming and inclusive. Cochrane has members from around the world. We want everyone to be as involved as they want. We are asking volunteers to host a short online discussion where people can share practical things we could do to be more inclusive.

What you would need to do:

  • You would need to set aside an hour to host an online discussion before mid-December. You can choose a time that suits you. You can run the session in your language. You can run more than one session if you want.
  • We will advertise the group for you. You could also invite people to take part. Only 3 to 6 people will be able to attend your session so everyone has enough time to speak.
  • You can use whatever online meeting platform you have or we can give you access to one.
  • You would need to ask people questions and take notes about what they say, or have someone take notes for you. You would not write down people’s names or any confidential information. You would give your notes to Cochrane's central team to compile with the feedback from all other groups. Cochrane will use all the practical suggestions to plan what to do next. You will see a summary of all the feedback and know what will happen as a result.
  • This will be an informal discussion, not research. Your role as a facilitator will be to help people feel comfortable and keep a record of the main points. No past experience or special skills are needed.
  • The broad questions you would ask people are below. You could also add other questions.
    • Cochrane says it wants to be diverse and inclusive. What do those words mean to you?
    • What do you think Cochrane is doing well and less well in terms of diversity and inclusion?
    • Do you feel as included as you want in Cochrane’s work? If not, what gets in the way?
    • What practical things should Cochrane focus on or change first to be more inclusive?

Ideal applicant

We are looking for volunteers from all over the world to host a 1 hour discussion, in any language you prefer at any time or day that suits you. The ideal volunteer would be confident hosting an online meeting, but no special skills are needed. You don’t need to be linked with a Cochrane Group or have experience working with Cochrane. You will need to have an internet connection that allows you to take part in an online meeting.

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