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Cochrane Vascular needs a Consumer Reviewer to comment on a review protocol which will compare ways to prevent infection after procedures to treat blocked blood vessels in the leg (peripheral arterial disease)

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

Lower limb peripheral artery disease (PAD) occurs when the large blood vessels of the lower limbs are blocked or narrowed.  This blockage can result in decreased blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscle and other tissues that results in limiting symptoms during exercise. In severe cases, blood flow can't meet the resting demands of the tissue and rest pain, ulceration or gangrene may result. If disease is severe or does not improve with non-surgical interventions, revascularisation procedures like bypass grafting may be needed to improve blood flow. Infections can occur after these procedures to improve the blood flow. The best methods of preventing infection are not known.  We will present the current evidence surrounding prevention of infection after peripheral arterial reconstruction.  If you have personal or carer experience of this condition your comments would be very useful. Systematic review methodology expertise is not needed. If you are interested, we will send you the protocol and a comments checklist.  This task will take between two to three hours. 

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