Helping in review data pickout and data analysis my metanalysis

Skills / interests: Statistical analysis

Methodological skills / interests: Comparing multiple interventions (network meta-analysis and overviews)

Dear colleagues

I am ready to help any researcher from all over the world in completeing any metanalysis in any branch of medicine by selecting the correct review for metanalysis as well as doing the correct type for statistical procedure for odd ratio, risk ratio, risk difference

I am a consultant and assistant professor in gynecology and obstetrics

attached below is a copy of my last done metanalysis with acceptance for publishing

Ideal applicant

The applicant must be motivated researcher who demand how to find the appropriate single or double blind reviews for doing metanalysis as well as have some idea about concept of doing metanalysis


Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Wisam?

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Questions & comments

Kindly contact me at 009647901685119 via viber, whats app etc

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